Pay your Bills & Utilities with Crypto

Manage it all in one place; your Obiex Crypto Wallet, and from anywhere in the world.

We understand that no one wakes up in the morning and sets out to start paying bills. Paying bills is not fun. But it is an essential part of our lives that we cannot avoid. At Obiex, we help you remove the stress of having to convert your Crypto to Fiat before you pay your bills. We help you stay on top of your bills with zero stress.

Get the Obiex App today to start paying your bills from your Crypto Wallet, seamlessly.


You don't have to convert your Crypto to Fiat. Make your bill and utility payments from your Crypto Wallet on the Obiex App.

Electricity bills? AEDC, BEDC, EEDC, EKEDC, IEDC, JEDC, KEDC, PHEDC, YEDC, etc. We got you covered.

Cable TV Payments? DSTV, GoTV, StarTimes. All of them are available for you.

Airtime and Data? MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile. We have them all.


See all your present and past bill and utility payments together. Know the exact amount you spent and when you spent it.


Get email receipts sent to your email address whenever you make a payment, plus an up-to-date transaction record on the app.

Do away with the heap of paper receipts. Go for zero stress.

How do I pay my bills with the
Obiex App?

Download the Obiex App

The Obiex App is available for Android and iOS

Create an account

Sign up on the Obiex App, and apply for verification. Approval is fast. Takes a few minutes.

Click on Utilities

Select the bill you want to pay, the network you wish to top-up airtime or data for, or the Cable TV you want to subscribe for, and follow the steps to complete the bill payment.

Pay, Organize & Manage Your Bill and Utility Payments from your Crypto Wallet, Anywhere in the World.

Ease and Convenience

Spending money on bills is already hard; you deserve an easy and convenient way of doing it. With Obiex, you don't have to convert your Crypto to Fiat before you pay your bills. You don't even have to visit the Utility Office to make payments or use multiple platforms that never work smoothly for different payments. It's annoying. You can pay from your Crypto Wallet and take care of everything on one neat dashboard on the Obiex App.

Never Miss a Cable TV Program

Cable TV subscription expires. It's already late and you can't go to your vendor or even reach him on the phone. So you miss that night's episode of your favorite TV Show, or worse, miss a Champions League Football match. We know the story. Obiex will help you avoid that. Make fast and seamless Cable TV Subscription payments from your Obiex Crypto Wallet and always stay connected.

Surprise Your Family and Friends

Surprise that favorite sister or friend with a simple airtime gift, Data, Electricity bill payment, or just their Cable TV Subscription-the little things that matter. Paid from your crypto wallet, all done on the Obiex App.

The Light Never Goes Off With Obiex

Staying even a second without electricity is not fun. Obiex ensures your light never goes off. And you don't have to leave your bed to do it. All from your Crypto wallet on the Obiex App

Keep Your Parents Comfortable Always

Do you have an aged Mom or Dad who is no longer strong enough for the headaches that come with Bills and Utility payments? Or just a family member or relative that is close to you? Worry not; with Obiex you can top up their Airtime, Internet Data, Electricity, and all their Cable TV subscriptions from your Crypto Wallet, anywhere you are in the world. They deserve to always stay comfortable.

Always Stay Online and Connected

Obiex makes Airtime and Data Top-up very easy. Data for all your favorite social media networks, apps, and websites. Plus airtime to stay connected to the people you care about. It's fast and seamless. Again, without having to convert your Crypto to Fiat.

Pay your utility bills with Crypto using the Obiex Utilities Feature.

It's fast

You pay on the App now, you get recharged now.

It's secure

Your crypto wallet and assets are 100% safe. We use a fortified sandbox to conduct the payment from your wallet to the utility service provider.

easy to set up

If you can use a smartphone, you can pay your bills on the Obiex App.



What bills can I pay with the Obiex Utility Feature?

You can currently pay for your Electricity bill, Cable TV Subscription, and top-up airtime or data on your mobile device.


What country's bill can I pay for with the Obiex Utility Feature?

You can only pay bills for yourself or family and friends in Nigeria with the Obiex Utility Feature. We are working very hard to give you more country options. Please, stay tuned.


What kind of tokens/coins do I need to make these bills and utility payments?

You need stablecoins to make these payments. USDT, BUSD, USDC. But if you have a different token, that's not a problem. Just swap it for any stablecoin and then proceed to bill payment. Swapping is free and instant.


Are my crypto assets safe when I use my Obiex wallet to make bills and utility payments?

As we said earlier, we use a fortified sandbox to conduct transactions from your crypto wallet to the utility service company. We act as a middleman, and the service company makes zero contact with your crypto wallet. Your crypto wallet and assets are 100% safe. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.


How do I use the Obiex Utility Feature to pay bills for myself, my family, and my friends

  • Download the Obiex App, sign up, and complete all verifications. Takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Fund your wallet with crypto by buying NGNX from your local bank account or transferring crypto from an external wallet. It's instant and comes with zero transaction fees.
  • Swipe right or click the “More” button at the bottom right section to access the Side Menu Bar and click on Utilities.
  • Select the bill you would like to pay & input the necessary information to complete the utility bill payment.

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